Dina Lohan: Mom of the Year?

Omg Goddess

A couple of weeks ago an organization called "Mingling Moms"honored Dina Lohan as one of Long Island's Top20 mothers. Are they serious? Well, I guess when you look at what the criteriafor making the list was -- being from Long Island, New York andraising a superstar child -- it makes sense. She certainly doesn't deserve anaward for letting her daughter Lindsay wind up in rehab though!

Now Dina is out and about promoting her new E! reality show "LivingLohan" with daughter Ali, claiming that they agreed to be filmed 24 hours aday to "diffuse the rumors" about them. "We're just a normal familylike everybody else," says Ali. Sure they are.

Although I honestly don't know what goes on behind the Lohan'sclosed doors, pushing your kids into the entertainment biz isn't necessarilynormal. I guess I'll have to tune in and see if Dina and Ali canprove me wrong. Find out what else the mother/daughter duo has to say in an interview with ABC below: