Denise Takes Her Girls for FroYo

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Despite all the drama created by her ex-husband Charlie Sheen over the past few weeks, Denise Richards is determined to keep life as normal as possible for the former couple's two daughters, Sam, 6, and Lola, 5.

On Sunday, Richards was spotted taking her girls out for a frozen yogurt treat at Menchie's in Calabasas, California, before heading over to the local Barnes & Noble book store to pick up some new reading materials. "Great afternoon with my girls... Frozen yogurt and did a little book shopping for them," tweeted Denise after their weekend expedition.

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During a recent appearance on "The View," Denise opened up about her ex, who has made headlines on a daily basis lately for his unfiltered comments about his "Two and a Half Men" boss Chuck Lorre, Alcoholics Anonymous, and his hard partying ways. "This is Charlie's lifestyle. He makes no bones about it. And it is what it is," said Denise, adding, "This has been something I have dealt with for years. This is not a new situation. There are times where his life is more colorful than others, more public than others, and as the kids get older it's a difficult thing. I'm learning as I go, too."

Richards went on to say that explaining their father's drug addictions and bizarre ways to her kids has been tough. "This was a subject I had hoped to talk with my children about as they got older. But it's hard... There are images and pictures that a child can understand. I don't know what they fully comprehend from these conversations. They don't know what some of these things are. So I do the best I can and it's not easy."

And though she refuses to publicly criticize Sheen, Richards did post an ambiguous message on her Twitter Monday morning, which read, "Thank you for all your supportive messages..."

You've got to admire Richards for taking the high road on this one for her kids' sake, as it would be soooo easy for her to dish some serious dirt on her ex-hubby.

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