Cuteness Alert: New Mom Hilary Duff Shares a Sweet Family Photo

Suzy Byrne
Omg Goddess

Hilary Duff is sharing more and more of baby Luca!

Following the birth of her son in March, the actress tweeted an oh-so-adorable photo of the little guy's feet. Then she posted a solo shot of the wide-eyed baby swaddled in a star-covered blanket. Now she's sharing a group shot of the entire Comrie family.

In the black and white photo that is now her Twitter profile picture, Duff and her husband, retired NHL star Mike Comrie, are sitting on a couch with the glowing new mom cradling the baby in her arms. Little Luca is actually in a slightly awkward pose—a hazard of floppy-headed infants.

Duff has been using Twitter as a modern day baby book. In addition to the photos, she shares observations of motherhood, including, "No better feeling that a peaceful baby sleeping on your chest...wonder what he's dreaming about?" and "It's wild to read all of these children's books again! So many of them relate to adult like...deeep!" Also, following a trip out, she wrote: "Nice to get away for an hour to do something good for myself! But I miss his little face when I'm gone."

When Duff does leave the house, it's often to hit the gym as part of her no-nonsense post-baby fitness plan. She started working out just a week and a half after giving birth and has been logging visits to spin classes in Los Angeles. Thursday, she was photographed leaving a West Hollywood fitness center with a flushed, "I just got my sweat on" look on her face and tweeted to her instructor, "Holy sore body!!! @soulcycle kicked my booty!!!! Ouchieee." She's also been attending Piloxing classes, which is a combination of Pilates and boxing.

Yesterday Duff posted on Twitter that she'll be working with the brand Johnson's Baby on a charitable initiative to support maternal and baby health. Along with the announcement she stated something that's become very obvious over the last few weeks: "I love being a mom :)"

And motherhood certainly agrees with her—don't you think?

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