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Christina Applegate gives us the inside scoop on her new kids clothing line

Suzy Byrne
Omg Goddess
September 20, 2012
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Tonight, Christina Applegate is back on the small screen as the second season of "Up All Night" kicks off. There are big changes ahead for the actress' character, Reagan, who goes from being the family bread winner to a stay-at-home mom when the talk show she produces gets canceled. In real life, Applegate is actually expanding her résumé. In addition to her NBC comedy and guest judging appearances on "So You Think You Can Dance," the 40-year-old actress — who is mom to 19-month-old Sadie (dad is Applegate's fiancé Martyn LeNoble) — has been collaborating on a kids' clothing line.

Applegate partnered with a team of parents to launch FabKids, an e-commerce children's apparel brand with stylish-yet-sensible outfits for girls. Each month, subscribers get a three-piece outfit tailored to the preferences of their child delivered to their door. "When I first met the FabKids team, I was really intrigued by the concept," Applegate tells omg!. "It was something I hadn't seen before — and something that I thought moms and their little girls would love. The clothes are adorable and really well-made. What really drew me in was the brand philosophy and emphasis on encouraging girls' individuality through personal style. I love the idea of empowering our daughters with what they wear and giving them the freedom to express themselves a young age. I knew FabKids was something I wanted to be a part of."

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For each collection, Applegate puts together "Christina's Picks," a list of her personal faves. "I have so many favorites," Applegate says. "I love that all of our designs are fresh and adorable, but also age appropriate. Plus, all of the pieces are interchangeable, which makes things very easy for mom." From the back-to-school collection, her picks include the Shining Star Leggings. "Sadie has been known to dance around our kitchen in them," says the actress. But don't expect to see a "Sadie's Pick's" list just yet. Not yet 2, the toddler is just starting to select her own outfits — and when she does, she can end up with an, um, eclectic look. "Usually when she picks out clothes it's a mish-mash of colors and fabrics, because she's too young to really know yet," Applegate notes.

Talking about Sadie, Applegate says that when her daughter was born, she "felt a love like I've never felt before." And the most important parenting tip that she's picked up and exercises is to speak to her as if she's speaking to anyone else. "Talk to your child a lot in non-baby speech," says Applegate. "It really enhances their development."

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Next year, Applegate will reprise her role as Veronica in "Anchorman: 2" along with the film's original star-studded cast including Will Ferrell and Steve Carell. But for now, her work focus is on the new season of "Up All Night," which co-stars Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph. So what can we expect for Applegate's character, Reagan, this season now that she's out of the workforce? "Two words," she teases, "dance class."

Well, if it's half as funny as that prenatal pole dancing video spoof Applegate did while pregnant with Sadie — which still makes us laugh — we're in.

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