Charlize Theron: My Adoption Plan Had Been in the Works for 28 Years!

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When Charlize Theron said it had been her longtime dream to adopt a baby, the new mom wasn't exaggerating. In fact, 28 years ago — when the South African-born actress was just 8 years old — she told her own mother she wanted to adopt.

"My mother found [a letter I wrote]. It said, 'Would you please take me to orphanage, so that I can go and adopt a baby?'" the "Snow White and the Huntsman" star tells the Australian magazine Madison. "I always knew I would adopt. Always."

Enter Jackson Theron, who she calls "Jacks," the baby boy she brought home earlier this year following a domestic adoption. Theron adopted her son as a solo parent after ending a long-term relationship with Irish actor Stuart Townsend in 2010, though she has recently been linked to "True Blood" star Alexander Skarsgard, with whom she is said to be casually dating. "You know, I don't think any mother aims to be a single mom. I didn't wish for that, but it happened."

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Jacks is accompanying Theron across Europe as the superstar promotes her fairytale flick, "Snow White and the Huntsman." Most recently, the mother and son duo have been in Madrid, where Theron and her co-star Kristen Stewart appeared at a photo call. Before the press event, the Oscar winner brought Jacks — who was barefoot and sporting a simple green onesie — to Casa Lucio restaurant, where she grabbed a bite to eat.

The actress, who has several movies lined up, including "Prometheus," which comes out in June, and at least three more in the works — also talked to the Aussie mag about her work ethic. "I don't like pretentious sh-t," she says. "I like being around people who like to live life and understand the value of it. I need to be around people who understand we're not curing cancer here. I like professional actors who show up, do the job, and are not a pain in the ass to either myself or the crew… A professional actor does their homework beforehand and they do their job. Then when it's all said and done, they have a beer with the crew. That's what a professional actor does."

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