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Celine Dion looks like she's about to pop -- in a good way. The soon-to-be mother of twin boys proudly displays her bump on the cover of Canada's 7 Jours magazine, giving off a relaxed and natural glow in a strapless tropical-print dress and barely-there makeup.

Dion, who's due in November, is joined in the cover photo with 68-year-old husband Rene Angelil, 9-year-old son Rene Charles, and the family dog, Charlie.

The 42-year-old singer recently found herself the subject of a French tabloid report claiming that she'd been hospitalized for pregnancy complications. Earlier this week, her rep put the kibosh on those rumors, telling People magazine, "She's never been in the hospital -- her pregnancy continues to be healthy and she feels fantastic."

"They've gotten calls from friends worried that something is wrong. To be so happy and then to get these calls, it's been upsetting for them when they are in such a good place," the publicist told People. Dion has gained 33 pounds during her pregnancy and is keeping mind and body connected through holistic acupuncture treatments.

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The concern about health of Dion's pregnancy stems from her very public struggles with becoming pregnant. Late last year, after much speculation from the tabloids, Angelil confirmed that his wife had indeed suffered a miscarriage. (Celine herself later went on Oprah to discuss the miscarriage and her difficulties with conceiving.) The couple has been trying for quite some time to have a second child together, and in May they announced that they had successfully conceived via in-vitro fertilization. 

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After the twins arrive, Celine will return to her career's bread and butter: performing. She'll return to Las Vegas in March 2011 to unveil a brand-new concert spectacular at Caesars Palace. She last performed a series of sold-out shows there from 2003 to 2007. Over the course of its 717 shows, it brought in $400,000,000.

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