Brooke Burke: The ‘Naked Mom’

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"Dancing With the Stars" co-host Brooke Burke was at her perky best while signing copies of her new memoir, The Naked Mom, at a book store in New Jersey Tuesday. The former bikini model -- who somehow manages to juggle a blended family of four young kids, her actor fiance David Charvet, the website, and her reality TV duties -- makes it all look easy, but in her book she reveals that her real life is not quite so glamorous.

OK, so she refers to her personal trainer getting her in shape after the birth of one of her kids for a photo shoot in Belize -- don't we all wish we had that kind of motivation? -- and to her glamorous Hollywood friends, who include Denise Richards and Tori Spelling, but Burke's book does spill forth some of the bad as well as the good. "When Shaya hit his terrible twos, his tantrums were so over the top that we once actually had to leave a zoo because we were disturbing the wildlife," she says of her youngest child with Charvet, giving hope to ordinary moms everywhere that kids of the stars can be just as bratty as those of the non-celebrity kind.

Burke's also honest about the concept of "balance" in life, and that achieving it can be impossible on the best of days. In an interview with, Burke explains that to her, balance is a big myth. "People asked me for a long time to write about that," she says, adding, "I used to believe in [balance], and at this point in my life I'm like, 'It's just bull.' If I strived for that every day, I would be just completely disappointed because raising a blended family is super hard and challenging. Juggling life and career, there are very few days when I get everything done that I need to get done. I'm just kind of making it up as I go along right now; I'm doing the best I can. This whole balance thing, everybody thinks it's this perfect life, I manage it all and it looks so glamorous; it's not the reality of what really goes on. I think balance is way too much to strive for."

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