Bret’s Best Girls

Omg Goddess

When you think of rocker Bret Michaels, you probably think of a guy who, in the words of his good friend Miley Cyrus, can't be tamed. At 47, the former Poison frontman has never been married, despite the fact he has scores of swooning female fans worldwide, and he's starred in no less than three wild seasons of the dating show "Rock of Love."

But the truth is the cowboy hat-wearing lothario is actually a family man. The "Custom Built" crooner even brought his daughters Raine, 10, and Jorja, 5, along on Monday as he taped an appearance on David Letterman's show at the Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC. The girls are still very young, of course, but I couldn't help but notice they've already adopted their pop's rock 'n' roll wardrobe. Cute!

Just last month, Bret opened up to Parade about how difficult it is leaving his little ones behind while he's working, especially after the serious health woes he's faced this year. "The moment we say goodbye, if they're not coming out on the road with me, is tough," he said. "It shouldn't be easy, because if it were easy, then we probably wouldn't love each other so much. I sit down and I explain that I'm going away and that I'll be back. And then they ask me how many gifts I'm going to bring them."

We can all look forward to seeing more of Bret and his babes in the fall on his new VH1 reality TV project, "Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It." Until then, check out his appearance on the "Late Show With David Letterman," which is set to air Thursday.

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