Beyonce’s Birth in the Lap of Luxury

Lizbeth Scordo
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Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed daughter Blue Ivy on Saturday. Kevin Mazur/WireImage
Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed daughter Blue Ivy on Saturday. Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Whether or not you've ever had a baby, you're probably aware that the actual process of giving birth isn't exactly a walk in the park. But if you're superstar Beyonce, you can certainly do your best to make sure you're surrounded by luxury, privacy, and special treatment.

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The pop singer and her husband, hip-hop mogul Jay-Z, 42, pulled out all the stops to make sure they welcomed new baby girl Blue Ivy (who arrived on Saturday via C-section) in style. The couple reportedly shelled out a whopping $1.3 million to take over a swanky, newly renovated suite (and according to some reports, an entire floor) at Manhattan's Lenox Hill Hospital on the Upper East Side.

When Beyonce checked in -- under the pseudonym Ingrid Jackson -- her demands were definitely diva-ish. Hospital staffers were forced to turn over their cell phones (to avoid any unauthorized picture snapping) and instructed to cover the lenses of the floor's security cameras with tape.

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And the "If I Were a Boy" songstress didn't just turn to hubby Jay-Z for support while in labor. She also enlisted an entire security team to stand guard during her stay. Sure, it makes sense that they wanted to ensure that Bey and her baby didn't get swarmed by the paparazzi or an unscrupulous peeping Tom, but the new mom seemed to forget that she wasn't the only one at the hospital with a bundle of joy to gush over. Among other parents irked at how they were treated, a Brooklyn man named Neil Coulon is still reeling from his run-ins with Beyonce and Jay-Z's muscle men while attempting to check on his premature twins inside Lenox Hill's neonatal intensive care unit.

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"Three times they stopped me from entering or exiting the NICU and it happened once on Friday [the day Beyonce actually checked in] just because they wanted to use the hallway," the frustrated dad told the New York Daily News. "They should have been more strategic about it. These are children with problems in intensive care and you're just going to take over the hospital like you own it? All I want is an apology."

If that doesn't happen, would a personal tweet from Gwyneth Paltrow suffice?

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