Ashlee and Pete’s Bronx Baby

Omg Goddess

Ashlee Simpson finally gave birth on Thursday night! It seemed like she had been pregnant forever. Anyway ... everyone in my office was waiting with bated breath to find out what she and her hubby Pete Wentz would name their first child. A few weeks ago, the Fall Out Boy told Ryan Seacrest that he and Ashlee didn't want to name the baby 'til they met him, but they were planning to pick a moniker that would be fitting for "a rock star or a senator, so he'll get work either way."

If that's the case, then why did the couple end up naming their son Bronx Mowgli? They named him after a New York City borough and the kid who was raised by wolves in the "Jungle Book"! I know David and Victoria Beckham named their first-born Brooklyn, which is kind of cute, but Bronx?

Maybe I could understand it if Pete and Ashlee were native New Yorkers and wanted to honor their old 'hood, but Pete grew up in Chicago, and Ashlee is from Texas. Oh, well. celebrity baby names certainly give us something to talk about!