Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer’s co-star spills the beans that they’re expecting twins

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It seems that Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer's baby news is twice as exciting, but did they want the world to know about it?

Two months after the "True Blood" lovebirds confirmed they are expecting for the first time, it's now been revealed that Paquin and Moyer, who married in August 2010, are having twins. The womb update comes courtesy of Us Weekly, who got the scoop from the couple's co-star Sam Trammell. "I'm so excited for them," Trammell — who has 11-month old twin sons with his girlfriend, Missy Yager — told the magazine. "We sent them a special gift. It's so interesting that 'True Blood' has become, like, the 'twins' show."

It's also interesting that Trammell took it upon himself to spill his friends' baby news. After all, the actor, who plays Sam Merlotte on the HBO series, wouldn't share any information about his own twin sons — including their names! — when they were born last August. Although he tried to keep the details hush-hush, Trammell's mother later told her local newspaper that the boys are named Winston and Gus.

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Back in May, Paquin, 29, showed off her baby bump at the "True Blood" premiere, wearing a knee-length lace polka-dot Rachel Comey dress with a sheer overlay. At the event, 42-year-old Moyer — who already has two children , Lilac, 10, and Billy, 12, from previous relationships — talked about their pregnancy news. "It's always amazing," he told "I love my kids so much. And I think that the fact that Anna is pregnant just adds more crazy to the bundle of fun."

Professionally, Moyer has big things happening as well. For the first time in his career, he will be directing and he will be doing so on his own series. "I didn't get the easiest of episodes," Moyer, whose directorial debut airs July 28, told USA Today. "I was terrified — not of being able to do the job, but I was scared of how the other actors would react to me telling them what to do… [But] they were so supportive. It is a giant family, and there were times when I knew they had my back."

However, he joked that Paquin was a little difficult to direct. "I got a bit of sass from the wife," he told the newspaper. "She was like, 'Oh, my God, this director is such a diva.'" More seriously he noted, "When I started this job, I didn't know it was going to lead to five, six years of working here, or living here or meeting a wife and leading to babies."

The Paquin-Moyer twins are expected to make their arrival this fall.

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