Woman sues Justin Bieber for $9.2 million, says Bieber Fever’s too loud

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For a lot of girls, a Justin Bieber concert would be a magical night. But now one of their mothers, Stacey Wilson Betts, is claiming all those screams from the crowd left her with permanent hearing loss — to the tune of $9.2 million! In a lawsuit filed Wednesday, Betts claims that after attending a Bieber concert with her daughter in July 2010, she suffered ringing in the ears and hypersensitivity to sound. The Biebs, as well as his record label, the arena, and the concert promoter, are to blame, according to the lawsuit, for allowing the concert to become too loud. Betts obviously didn't know the extent of Bieber Fever! She points the finger at an "unforeseen aspect of the show," in which Bieber climbed into a steel gondola and pulled him over the crowd. He then encouraged fans to scream by waving his arms in the air, while the steel gondola acted as a "sound conductor" that created a "sound blast" that damaged Betts' ears, she says. Hmm ... think she'll also sue the concession stand people for serving unhealthy food? No comment yet from Bieber's rep, but the teen's camp has to be used to fending off court cases by now.

Just last October, for example, Mariah Yeater, 20, filed a paternity lawsuit against the Biebs, 18. She claimed the two conceived her son that was born in July 2011 backstage at one of Bieber's concerts. He denied ever meeting her. By November, Yeater withdrew her lawsuit. However, the pop star reportedly still took a paternity test to prove his innocence. "Im going to ignore the rumors...and focus on what is real," he wrote on Twitter in response to the legal action. "An opportunity to help by doing what i love. Judge me on the music! Love yall!"

The Biebs has often been threatened with lawsuits, too. When he had an altercation with a paparazzo in Calabassas, California, in May, witnesses told TMZ that a lawyer was the one who advised the cameraman, who was supposedly injured by the pint-sized Bieber, to call an ambulance and file a police report. In March, two people in Texas said they'd be suing the singer because he sent thousands of phone calls their way at all hours. That was after Bieber tweeted nine digits of a random phone number and a question mark, with the message "call me right now," which sent his 19 million followers into a frenzy. Oops!

It's no wonder people are lining up to try and collect cash from Bieber. He earned a whopping $55 million last year, making him the second-richest celeb under 30, according to Forbes. Country singer/songwriter Taylor Swift was the only one who beat him.

Do you think the latest lawsuit against Bieber is credible?

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