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At a photo studio in Los Angeles for a Teen Vogue shoot, Willow Smith is sporting a neon-print jumpsuit and a wild hairstyle while dancing around to her hit song "Whip My Hair," looking like she owns the place. Totally at home with stylists fussing over her and cameras flashing, the 10-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith is now a certifiable star.

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When asked if she can relate to regular 10-year-olds, the pint-sized pop star -- whose hit single has scored more than 34 million hits on YouTube -- just laughs. "Of course -- I am one!" Though she's got the world at her fingertips, movie stars for parents, and Justin Bieber as a friend -- "Justin's like my big brother. I don't have a crush on him" -- Willow says that behind the scenes, her family life is just the same as the average American kid. "At dinner we talk about 'What did you do today? What did you wear today?' Not anything about work."

Amidst claims that her parents are pushing her and her brother, "Karate Kid" star Jaden, into showbiz, Willow says it's actually the other way around. Apparently, she was the one begging her parents to let her perform. "I used to go on tour with my mom and dad and see what they were doing, and I'd tell them, 'Oh, I wanna do that, I wanna do that.'"

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Video: Behind the Scenes with Willow Smith

Now that she's there though, the Smiths are trying to instill a good work ethic in their precocious pre-teen. "Whenever I don't feel like working, they say, 'You don't want that career? You have to work hard,'" says Willow, adding, "They think I should keep working harder and harder."

With her eye on the level of fame achieved by a few of her idols like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, Willow is ready to put in the effort to achieve her dreams. "You can pick how famous you want to be," she says. "If you don't work hard, then you aren't going to have the success that you want. But if you work hard and dig in, then you are going to have the success that you want."

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Check out the cool behind-the-scenes video of Willow on her Teen Vogue shoot, where she discusses where she likes to shop -- Target and CVS -- and her current obsessions.

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