Watch Selena Gomez get scared (twice!) on ‘Ellen’

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Selena Gomez loves a good scare so much that she and boyfriend Justin Bieber recently visited Knott's Scary Farm — an L.A.-area theme park better known as Knott's Berry Farm that transforms itself each year for the Halloween season and features costumed actors doing their best to frighten crowds. Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, who chatted with Gomez for an episode of "Ellen" that airs Friday, decided to have a little fun with this fact. While Gomez was revealing her favorite part of the park — the mazes — Ellen arranged for a masked-wearing man with a chainsaw to sneak up behind Gomez. Check out her reaction!

Later, after chatting about Gomez's new movie, the computer-animated comedy "Hotel Transylvania," DeGeneres spooked her guest again! While the 20-year-old gushed about her "Hotel Transylvania" co-star Andy Samberg being "cute" and "funny," an actor dressed as Dracula startled Gomez from behind. "Enough! I'm never coming back," the starlet joked.

But the interview wasn't only about scaring the actress. Gomez also talked a little about her famous BF, revealing that he's just departed for his big "Believe" tour that kicks off in Glendale, Arizona, on Saturday, and wraps up in Finland in April. "So you're not going to go on tour with him? Or will you join him at some point?" DeGeneres asked. "I'm going to try," Gomez replied. "I'm going to make sure I go to a couple of shows, but I've just been recording."

So Selena won't be seeing the Biebs regularly for months? Now that's a horror!

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