Watch Miley Cyrus Take on a More Grown-Up Role in ‘LOL’ Trailer

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You know those people who feel compelled to update their Facebook status anytime they have an emotion, like when they're fighting with a significant other or crushing on a new guy or gal? That's Miley Cyrus' character Lola, who's nicknamed Lol, in the upcoming movie "LOL." A new trailer for the film, just released this week, shows the star updating her friends via the social network with messages like "ex-boyfriend" and "new boyfriend??" as she experiences the ups and downs of a high school romance in the age of the Internet. The trouble starts when we learn that her boyfriend hasn't texted her lately because he's been hooking up with another girl, played by "Twilight's" Ashley Greene. Lola then finds herself attracted to the cheater's pal at the same time she's entering a downward spiral bad grades and arguments with her mom (Demi Moore).

While it's only hinted at in the preview, Miley's character in the film does some pretty racy stuff — at least compared to the gal she played on "Hannah Montana"! Lola has sex for the first time, kisses one of her girlfriends on the lips, and smokes marijuana. The actress has said she hopes that the project makes it possible for the audience to see her in "a new light" as "someone who is maturing, and not stepping away from my fans, but really picking roles that I can relate to." At 19, the former Disney star "had been wanting to get out of what people think as the obvious choice for me to do next," she explained. "It was so freeing to not be, like 'Alright, I'm happy!' and getting to be real and working with life's real emotions. People are so used to me playing the happy girl."

Are you excited to see Miley's more grown-up role?

"LOL" is set to hit theaters this spring.

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