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Most "Jersey Shore" fans can't wait for the show's Season 4 premiere on August 4, but I'm admittedly a little nervous. That's because Season 4 takes place in Italy -- and I'm not sure that Snooki, The Situation, JWoww, Pauly D, Deena, Vinny, Sammi, and Ronnie are exactly the best people to be representing America abroad.

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While all of the reality roomies are very proud of their Italian heritage -- even Snooki, who was born in Chile, but raised by Italian-American parents -- they have no idea about what life is like outside of the Tri-State area. So perhaps exposing them to a different culture will be a good thing in helping to expand their horizons? Wishful thinking. After watching the MTV trailer, it looks like viewers will be treated to more of the same (clubbing, fighting, smushing) ... just in a different locale. Sure, Snooki will learn a few things, like what a bidet is, or the fact that Italy's currency is not the peso. She'll even get to see the inside of an Italian jail cell! Nevertheless, I somehow doubt that the experience was life-changing for the crew. After all, you can take them out of the Jersey Shore, but you can't take the Jersey Shore out of them! Check out the trailer for yourself:

Jersey Shore (Season 3) - MTV Shows


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