Watch 12-year-old Ryan Gosling act adorable in vintage video clip

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Further proof that Ryan Gosling has always been adorable! An unearthed TV interview that the "Crazy, Stupid, Love" star gave at age 12, just after he'd been selected for "The Mickey Mouse Club," shows him singing "Achy Breaky Heart," donning a denim shirt, raving about Michael Jordan, and basically doing anything else that was considered awesome in 1992. The native of Canada's London, Ontario, seems just as confident as he is onscreen today as he chatted with a reporter from Canadian network CTV's show "Canada AM." As fans will notice, Gosling has already begun to master the move of looking amused every time someone speaks to him, but his accent is very different than today! Listen closely when he says words like "about" or "mouse," as in "Mouse Boy," the nickname that he says friends gave him after he was hired.

What do you think 12-year-old Gosling would think about the way his life's turned out?

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