The Truth About the Cast of ‘Pretty Little Liars’

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When we last saw the impossibly attractive cast of ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars," the show's big mystery was solved when the identity of "A," who had long blackmailed the girls, was revealed. A series regular was also killed off the show. We won't spoil the surprise in case it's still on your DVR. But you'd better watch it soon, because the upcoming third season is about dealing with the fallout from both events, as well as finding out who else, if anyone, was involved in the "A" plot. To get a sneak peek of the new season, which premieres June 5, omg! paid a visit to the cast on the show's set in Burbank, California, while they were filming the seventh episode. Unfortunately, the group was tight-lipped about their latest adventures, but they did promise that this would be the series' darkest season yet, with the characters finding themselves in more physical danger. Troian Bellisario, 25, who plays Spencer, explained that "the show is going into new territory. We're definitely going deeper and darker into how twisted Rosewood is as a community." Shay Mitchell, the 25-year-old who portrays Emily, noted that fans should get ready to be shocked, even if they think they know what's coming based on the photos posted on the "Pretty Little Liars" Twitter account. "Let me just say that whatever we post online sometimes, these photos, maybe they're to trick you."

While the cast was secretive about the show, they did offer up a few fun facts about themselves:

  • The cast's love for the new HBO comedy series "Girls" borders on obsession. Ashley Benson, 22, admitted that she "can't stop watching it. The content is so funny," she added. "The girls are so normal." Ian Harding, 25, joked that that might be because the two shows have a connection: "I think that if the girls on this show move to New York that might be what they [would] evolve into."
  • Bellisario confessed that, serendipitously, some of her real-life best friends have been cast in "Pretty Little Liars." Shane Coffey ("The Secret Life of the American Teenager") will return in the new season as Holden, and Vanessa Ray (USA's "Suits") will make her first appearance on the show. "[She] just got cast as somebody who has long blond locks who definitely scares the bejesus out of the girls," Bellisario teased.
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  • A big part of Mitchell's life outside of "Pretty Little Liars" is blogging. Her website,, has posts by the starlet and her friends on beauty, fashion, cooking, fitness, and music. In March, she blogged about a trip to Ireland to discover her ancestry in her father's native country. "Farewell, Ireland. What an incredible trip!" she tweeted when she left.
  • Since last season's finale, Janel Parrish, 23, has encountered fans that seem to confuse her with her character, Mona, the show's crazy villainess. "I actually think that since the finale they're a little timid to come up and say hi to me. They're a little scared. So I want them to know that I'm not crazy!" Parrish said. "I love it when they come and say hi to me."
  • Benson could be attracting some new fans when she co-stars in a new project: the much-buzzed-about upcoming film "Spring Breakers," that's directed by Harmony Korine, the man behind 1995's controversial drama "Kids," and also co-stars James Franco, Selena Gomez, and Vanessa Hudgens. Benson raved about the experience of shooting the film, which features the girls as college students who rob a bank to pay for a vacation. "Working with Harmony Korine was so cool," Benson gushed. "It was very different from this show. I play this crazy girl, psychopath, trailer-trash wild person, and I played opposite James Franco, who is really cool. So I guess just being in the presence of him and Harmony was really eye-opening. I learned so much."

Check out the cast of "Pretty Little Liars" when the new season premieres Tuesday, June 5, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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