‘Teen Wolf’s’ Tyler Posey reveals his celebrity crush

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Long before he was cast as the star of MTV's series "Teen Wolf," 20-year-old Tyler Posey was a fan of the '80s movies, starring Michael J. Fox and Jason Bateman, respectively. So when he ran into Bateman backstage at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards, he was excited to talk to the star of 1987's "Teen Wolf Too." "We talked a little bit about the makeup, and he said that it burned his face a little bit, and I was like yeah," Posey tells omg! in a new interview. "So we kinda bonded a little bit ... but then he got onstage, and I yelled out 'Teen Wolf 2,' and he gave me a dirty look, so I don't think he likes me anymore." As for Fox, Posey's never had the chance to meet the original "Teen Wolf," but the southern California native is still holding out hope. "Growing up, 'Back to the Future' was definitely my favorite movie. I would go to Universal Studios with my little brother and ride the ride ... I am always going to be one of [Fox's] biggest fans. I'm really wanting to hear his feedback, though, because he's had to have at least heard of it."

Anyone who watches MTV has definitely heard of the show, which began its heavily-hyped second season this month. And anyone who's tuned in knows that it's got a completely different vibe than the cheesy teen comedy it's named after. Though the new "Teen Wolf" has some unexpected funny lines here and there, it's mostly all about the horror and action. Posey says the action scenes are his favorite ones to film because he does his own stunts. "Pretty much every time I'm on set, I get to do a stunt, whether it's falling on my back or getting thrown through a wall or something like that, so that's always fun," Posey notes.

Despite stunts that require him to be in shape, Posey confesses that he doesn't hit the gym regularly until a few weeks before the season begins since, well, he doesn't have to! "First of all, I'm 20 years old, and I have a great metabolism, and great genes in my family, so I don't really have to do too much," he reveals. "Whenever I am in the gym, I work out like a mad man and it's crazy, but it's not too often."

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In fact, Posey is quick to say that his character would win in a fight between him and another famous werewolf: "Twilight's" Jacob. "My character [would win] definitely, because [Taylor Lautner's] character is fake," he says. "He's a big CGI werewolf, and I'm actually in a costume and makeup and have real teeth in so I can bite him." The actor says it's easy for him to see why werewolves, like vampires, are trendy again. "They're sexy, they're confident, they're romantic — most of the time," he explains. "Sometimes they can be evil and scary, which is also really cool."

Speaking of being romantic, Posey admits that he recently met a woman who made him blush while rehearsing for the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. "My celebrity crush, other than [co-star] Colton Haynes," he jokes, "is Emma Watson, definitely." Posey somehow worked up the nerve to talk to the "Harry Potter" star, but says "I have never been so flushed and I was talking like an idiot, and couldn't contain myself." While Posey says Watson was "so sweet and nice," he's quick to add that he's currently dating makeup artist Seana Gorlick, who he's "madly in love with." Aw!

When he's not acting or hang out with his girlfriend, Posey is all about music. He sings and plays guitar in the pop-punk band Lost in Kostko, which played a show earlier this month at The Roxy, a club on West Hollywood, California's famed Sunset Strip. "We've got meetings with record companies, and writing music all the time, and just doing everything that a band needs to do to get started," he says.

Until the band hits it big, fans can find Posey on the small screen for the second season of "Teen Wolf," which he teases has many "new twists and turns and new characters."

"Teen Wolf" airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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