Taylor Swift Needs to ‘Change’ Her Tune

OMG Crush

Taylor Swift's second album, "Fearless," is available as of today. The 18-year-old's sophomore set includes the title track along with typical pop-country tunes such as "You're Not Sorry," "White Horse," and "Love Story." Truth be told, I'm bored to death.

Yes, she's young, talented, and the former girlfriend of Joe Jonas. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean she's an "artist" worthy of all the accolades she's accumulated in the past few years. Her singing is a tad nasally for my tastes; her generic songs sound average at best; her look is far from special; and her dancing needs some serious work. Check out her new video, "Change," and you'll catch my drift.


I will give Taylor credit for being a songwriter and for playing multiple instruments, which many of her peers don't do. But, I still don't buy the hype. What's so special about this chick? And don't tell me she's awesome because she's so young. LeAnn Rimes burst on to the scene in 1996 when she was just 13 and was much more impressive.

Feel free to disagree, but in my opinion, Taylor needs to "change" her tune fast before she fades away with all the other blond country gals who sing songs about bad boyfriends, pickup trucks, and teardrops on their guitars.