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Sure, no one would bother them now, but plenty of celebs have revealed that they were bullied in their younger years. Demi Lovato says she was bullied for being "too fat." "New Girl" Zooey Deschanel was bullied to the point that she cried every day. And Eminem's school days were so bad that his mom sued the Detroit school system over the way other kids treated him! It's not surprising then that the new movie "Bully," a documentary following several kids who've been bullied and their families, already has a lot of famous fans. Bold-face names such as Katy Perry, Jimmy Fallon, and others have shown their support via Twitter. Martha Stewart filmed a public service announcement. And "Community's" Joel McHale and "Victorious'" Victoria Justice were among the crowd at the film's red carpet premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Monday.

The movie has caused quite a controversy since earning an R-rating for its language from the Motion Picture Association of America. Michigan high school student Kay Butler started an online petition with hundreds of thousands of signatures from people who wanted it changed to PG-13 so it could be seen by kids, but the R-rating stuck. "Bully" director Lee Hirsch expressed his disappointment with the rating decision during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter at the premiere. "People are frustrated. They feel like this rating was unjust," Hirsch said. "They're tired of the double standard of gratuitous violence getting through and a film that could actually do some good that's not about just exploitation getting slammed with this rating."

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Now The Weinstein Company, which is behind the film, has announced it will release the movie with no rating, which means some theaters won't show it. But that hasn't kept "Bully" out of the headlines or off the minds of Hollywood stars. Channing Tatum, Russell Simmons, and Katy Perry were just some of the people who retweeted a message from the movie's account Tuesday linking to the project's website. "13 million kids get bullied every year," it said. "Today take a stand with me and @BullyMovie #BullyMovie."

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