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The hotly anticipated sci-fi action film, "I Am Number Four," starring Alex Pettyfer, Dianna Agron, and Timothy Olyphant, hits theaters this Friday, but omg! was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at all the behind-the-scenes action during a visit to the movie set last June in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which is when the real-life romance between Pettyfer and Agron was just about to start heating up.

The movie tells the story of nine aliens who come to Earth as children after their home planet is destroyed. Now teenagers, they move from place to place, trying to stay under the radar as they're still being hunted one by one by the Mogadorians who decimated their home. They can only be killed in order, and Alex Pettyfer plays Number Four, the next target in line.

There is always a major curiosity factor when it comes to set visits. Before the gloss and special effects get laid on, this is where the real magic happens. On the weekend that I was there, it was pouring rain, so the blow-'em-up outdoors action I was supposed to see being filmed was shelved for an indoor scene set in Sarah's (Agron) bedroom where Number Four, aka John Smith (Pettyfer), first opens up to her. Bummer.

Or so I thought... Though I missed out on the pyrotechnic explosions, I was lucky enough to view an explosion of another kind -- the first onscreen kiss between future lovebirds Alex and Dianna. Though the two had only known each other for a short time at this point, their attraction was pretty clear for all to see.

I interviewed Agron between takes, and when asked about Pettyfer, she revealed with a smile, "Alex is quite a card, and he's full of surprises. He's such a sweetheart and he's fun to work with. I've been lucky with co-stars in the past, but with him in particular. This is a journey we have to form together, with our two characters, and it's effortless with him."

When pressed about whether her future beau was a better kisser than the guys on "Glee," Agron replied with a giggle, "Well, I don't know yet! We're about to find out tonight."

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From the sound of it, Alex had his eye on Dianna before they even started filming. When talking to director D.J. Caruso ("Disturbia," "Eagle Eye") during the film's casting stage, Pettyfer suggested Agron to play his love interest in the flick. "I was like 100 per cent, you've got to get Dianna Agron from 'Glee' and D.J. just points and there's Dianna on the board already!"

As the story revolves around evil Mogadorians hunting down the alien teens Numbers Four through Nine, the stage is set for a number of sequels if this first film is a success. With the fish-out-of-water main character (Pettyfer), his human love interest (Agron), and a potential love triangle with fellow alien Number Six (Teresa Palmer), the film has been compared to another smash hit series: "Twilight."

Pettyfer, for one, is attempting to avoid any comparisons to fellow British teen heartthrob Robert Pattinson. "'Twilight' has had such good success, but we're very different [than] 'Twilight,'" said Pettyfer, adding, "This movie is very cool."

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Check out the extended trailer for "I Am Number Four."

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