Scout Willis Can Really Sing!

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You might think that the tabloid frenzy that's surrounded Demi Moore since her high-profile split with Ashton Kutcher last November and the rehab stint that followed would have left her children wanting to stay far away from the life of showbiz. But you'd be wrong. Just last week, her oldest daughter Rumer, 23, with husband Bruce Willis, performed at Hollywood's Sayers Club. And Kutcher even came out to show his support.

This week, it's Demi and Bruce's 20-year-old daughter, Scout, who willingly stepped into the spotlight Thursday as she sang at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC. Scout performed as part of the band Gus + Scout, which also features Gus Wenner, Scout's Brown University classmate, who also has a Hollywood heritage. He's the son of Rolling Stone magazine founder Jann Wenner.

So, is Scout any good? Well, while the duo's far from ready to headline a world tour at this point, video of her crooning the twangy tune "Me and James" at another concert shows that Scout's not just a celebutante trying to add another slash behind her name, such as a certain hotel heiress/former reality star/designer/singer that we all know. Turns out, the girl can really sing! She has a strong voice that floats easily into high notes, like that of Florence Welch, of Florence and the Machine. Scout's six-song set ended with a cover of Otis Redding's "These Arms of Mine," according to People. I wish someone had recorded that!

Either way, it's good to see Scout's getting something worthwhile out of her Ivy League education. As you'll remember, just last week the co-ed was explaining that a Twitter account with racy comments belonging to her was actually for a class project. The account included tweets about her sex life, drug use, and rants against her parents. "This was done to illustrate how social media is utilized and that in today's social media culture, you can create a significant Twitter following based entirely on fabricated lies, and that the more outrageous and controversial the fabricated statement, the more followers you will get," Scout's rep said in a statement. "Current media interest in the fabricated Twitter school assignment appears to prove that point." Maybe next semester Scout should consider a class that lets her indulge her love of music instead of ... whatever that was.

What do you think of her voice?

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