Scandalous ‘Gossip Girl’ Ads

Chrissy Le Nguyen
OMG Crush

"Gossip Girl" is getting tons of attention thanks to a sexy new ad campaign that depicts its main characters in steamy situations. If the imagery isn't juicy enough, the CW also included negative quotes from the Boston Herald ("Every Parent's Nightmare"), the Parents Television Council ("Mind-Blowingly Inappropriate"), the New York Post ("A Nasty Piece of Work") and the San Diego Union Tribune ("Very Bad for You").

Although I think the irony of the promos is clever on the part of the CW, the Parents Television Council is up in arms over the ads, saying that they're too racy for young viewers. And they just might be. Then again, CW marketing head honcho Rick Haskins says the ads are aimed at "Gossip Girl's" 18-34 female audience.

All I know is that the hot promos certainly grabbed my attention! My favorite features playboy millionaire Chuck Bass feeding a girl cherries. Yum!


Update! The CW just added 5 promo videos to the show's YouTube page. Check out what Blair and Serena have to say in "Girl Talk":