Panda Eyes Faceoff: Taylor vs. Lourdes

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Has Lourdes Leon been taking makeup tips from Taylor Momsen?

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Madonna's 14-year-old daughter was spotted out in New York City on her way to LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts sporting some seriously heavy eye makeup on Thursday. It was a look which immediately reminded us of the panda-eyed stylings of Miss Teen Rebel 2010, Taylor Momsen.

The "Gossip Girl" starlet used to be the spokesmodel for Madonna and Lourdes' fashion line Material Girl, so the two have definitely shared some mirror time together in the past. It looks like Lourdes has adopted Momsen's signature bruised-eye look and made it her own with a distinct cat-eye finish. Or maybe the budding fashionista is paying tribute to Elizabeth Taylor in "Cleopatra"?


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