OMFG! There’s a ‘Gossip Girl’ Soundtrack!

Chrissy Le Nguyen
OMG Crush
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Since the show's first season, fans have been clamoring for a "Gossip Girl" soundtrack and now they'll finally have one!

OMFGG - Original Music Featured on Gossip Girl No. 1 is bound to become the Best. Soundtrack. Ever. Compiled by music director and overall musical genius Alexandra Patsava, who has set TV shows including "The O.C.," "Grey's Anatomy," and "Mad Men" to music, OMFGG is filled with tracks from a collection of today's coolest indie artists like the Ting Tings, the Virgins, and the Republic Tigers. OMFGG No. 1 will hit stores on October 28, but you can purchase the entire album online right now. Although there are some great tunes not included in the soundtrack, I think the 13 songs (see complete track listing below) totally represent the tone and style of music on the show. Who would've thought the sound of 'gossip' could be so rockin'?

Along with the release of OMFGG, the "Gossip Girl" peeps have launched, a site entirely dedicated to the music featured on the show. GG addicts can log in to create their own profiles, watch videos from bands, stream songs, and chat with other fans about songs and artists. Kudos to the mastermind who came up with this idea. I always spend way too much time searching for song lyrics online and now it'll be conveniently available in one spot.

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Check out the complete track list:

The Kills — "Sour Cherry"
The Kooks — "Do You Wanna"
Phantom Planet — "Do The Panic"
The Teenagers — "Feeling Better"
The Virgins — "One Week Of Danger (Demo Version)"
Nadia Oh — "Got Your Number"
Crystal Castles — "Crimewave"
The Republic Tigers — "Fight Song"
Junkie XL — "Cities In Dust"
The Ting Tings — "We Started Nothing"
Oppenheimer — "Breakfast In NYC"
The Pierces — "Three Wishes"
Albert Hammond Jr. — "Hard To Live In The City"