Miranda Cosgrove Celebrates Her 19th Birthday on the ‘iCarly’ Set

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"iCarly" is growing up! Star Miranda Cosgrove celebrated her 19th birthday Monday on the set of her hit Nickelodeon show. The cast and crew presented her with an ice cream cake, and Miranda promptly shared a photo of herself with the confection on Twitter. "Having an awesome Birthday! Thanks for all the messages! I love you! :)," she wrote. Earlier in the day, the teen also marveled at her oh-so advanced age. "Thank you so much for all the Birthday wishes! I can't believe I'm 19! #timeflies :)," she tweeted.

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The L.A. native recently revealed that she's planning to attend her father's alma mater, the University of Southern California, in the fall, not New York University as she had considered. But while she'll be closer to "iCarly's" Hollywood set, she doesn't expect the show to last much longer. "We don't know if we'll do more episodes," she told Teen Vogue. The actress, who as a child starred in 2003 Jack Black comedy "The School of Rock," admitted that she's at a tricky place in her career, where her choice of future roles is crucial. "It's hard to find something that's a little bit edgy but that everyone can still watch," she said. "I'm waiting to find something right."

Might we suggest "The School of Rock: The College Years"?

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