Is Miley the Next Carrie Bradshaw?

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Last night, Miley Cyrus took a break from filming her "Hannah Montana" movie to see Coldplay kick off their North American tour in L.A. Today she's making headlines thanks to comments she made in TV Guide's latest issue.

"I'd love to do a younger, cleaner version of 'Sex and the City,'" revealed the teen queen. Although Miley's admitted that she's a huge fan of the show (well, the TBS version at least), that doesn't mean she plans on having sex anytime soon. Like the Jonas Brothers, Miley wears a purity ring, which means she has taken a vow to remain celibate until marriage. "I like to think of myself as the girl that no one can get, that no one can keep in their hand," she said. "Even at my age, a lot of girls are starting to fall and I think if [staying a virgin] is a commitment girls make, that's great."

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