Miley Cyrus responds to ridiculous cheating reports

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Can't a girl have a friend? Not if you're Miley Cyrus.

There are some old-fashioned people out there who think that once you get married — or even engaged — that being friends with the opposite sex is inappropriate and can only mean one thing: infidelity. Silly, right? The philosophy of simple fuddy-duddies, you'd think.

So it was surprising, and frankly, disappointing to see all the hullabaloo surrounding some photos that surfaced on Wednesday of Miley and a male pal in a pool during a visit to Miami this week. The 19-year-old former Disney star, who announced her engagement to fellow actor Liam Hemsworth, 22, just last week, quickly became the subject of plenty of cheating-focused stories. "Is Miley Cyrus cheating on her fiancé already?" one blog asked. "Miley Cyrus' Sexy Bikini Date With A Mystery Man — Not Liam Hemsworth" another celeb news site boasted.

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In addition to the overall ridiculousness of accusing people of cheating for simply spending time with someone other than their significant others, even if Miley were cheating, wouldn't she do a bit more to cover it up, instead of hanging out in broad daylight while cameras snapped away?

Miley, apparently, found the accusations equally inane. "so now because I am engaged I can't have a friend of the opposite sex? can't have a friend help me out while I'm working alllll day? #dumb," she posted to her Twitter account on Wednesday.

The "mystery man" who joined her for some fun in the sun in those pics is actually her good friend and part-time assistant Cheyne Thomas and it's far from the first time the two have been photographed together. Over the last year the buddies have been spotted on shopping outings around L.A. and lunching together. But, of course, that was before she was engaged, and thus, less of a story.

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"So sad that the nasty tabloids have to make up stories to sell their trashy mags. Cant they just leave these 2 alone and let them be happy?" Miley's mom, Tish, tweeted yesterday.
Miley quickly tweeted her back. "@tishcyrus I love my fiancé & he loves me. All the rest is bull****. We get to live a life of happiness no one can take that away from us!"

Cheyne also joined the Cyrus women on the Twitter response train, posting multiple comments to his nearly 46,000 followers (not bad for Miley's assistant!) expressing his frustration with the coverage: "Not sure if u guys realize it or not but you can hang out with ur friend and look happy and be having fun..there's nothing wrong with that," and later, "If that seems like strange behavior to you then maybe u should reevaluate your friendships and quit worrying about mine."

Probably the best point of all.

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