Meet the Residents of ‘Melrose Place’

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It's been 10 years since "Melrose Place" went off the air. Now, the nighttime soap is following "90210's" lead and being remade by The CW.

A new generation of twentysomethings, including Ashlee Simpson Wentz, are moving into LA's most infamous apartment complex. Check out the first official cast photo!

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Ashlee plays Violet Foster, a small-town girl with a big secret (don't they always have one?). Violet won't be the only redhead in the building. Laura Leighton will be reprising her role as the conniving Sydney Andrews. Who can forget when Sydney was thrown into the complex pool (in a wedding dress), or when she was run over during a police chase (also in a wedding dress)?

Like any good villainess, Sydney didn't stay dead. Now she's the landlady of Melrose Place (a job once held by Heather Locklear), who meddles in her tenant's lives, as evidenced by the clips below:

Sydney's back:

First Look: Laura Leighton Returns to 'Melrose Place' @ Y! TV


Violet's so naive:

First Look: Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Sees Her First Dead Body on 'Melrose Place' @ Y! TV


The doctor is in:

First Look: Thomas Calabro Returns to 'Melrose Place' @ Y! TV


Juicy! And, as an added bonus, check out this photo of the "Beautiful Life" cast, featuring Mischa Barton.

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The show also stars Corbin Bleu ("High School Musical") and Sarah Paxton ("Aquamarine") as a group of sexy aspiring models. Hmm ... sounds a lot like "Models Inc."

Mischa gets squeezed out:

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They say there are no new ideas on TV anymore. I guess they're right!