Meet ’90210′s’ Budding High School Journalist

Michael Steger
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Hello patient fans of "90210!" This is Michael Steger. I play the role of Navid Shirazi, head of the Blaze News at West Beverly. YEAH! As news editor, I have one of the most coveted positions. If you recall from the original series, so did Andrea Zuckerman (Gabrielle Carteris) and Brandon Walsh (Jason Priestley). You can say I'm following in their footsteps a bit, although my character is endowed with a life of leisure, due to his dad's entertainment empire.

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Without revealing too much of the storyline (Sachs/Judah Productions have a tight leash on us!), I'll try to fill you in on what I can. Navid is very much trying to be a friend to all. He wants to be "in" with all the kids at school because connections are everything when you're telling a story. One connection I'm thrilled to be making is when Kelly Taylor herself (Jennie Garth) comes back to West Beverly as our guidance counselor.

Navid's lifestyle is that of a filthy rich kid looking to make some sense out of his life. He had a crazy upbringing and is looking for real friendship. But with all his wealth comes self-entitlement and a bit of arrogance as well. At times Navid shoots himself in the foot not realizing how difficult he can be. I can tell you this much -- real friendships begin to develop when the new kids from Kansas arrive.

So far the cast is great! We're all getting used to the hype and it's crazy to see our billboard on Sunset Boulevard. Trying to understand the Beverly Hills lifestyle is very amusing indeed!

See you September 2 on The CW! Peace out.