Kristen Stewart’s Straightforward Relationship Advice

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It's hard not to notice that Kristen Stewart loathes interviews. She fidgets and looks down. She speaks softly. So when Glamour magazine selected the "Twlight" star as its November cover girl, the editors were wise to choose someone she knows well -- Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight books, and producer of the films -- to talk to Stewart for the accompanying article. The two ended up talking like old friends about the final "Twilight" film, "Breaking Dawn," KStew's love life, and much more.

The women even talked about the franchise's leading men, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. Although one of them is clearly the winner of Bella's heart on the big screen, the other seems to be the guy Stewart would rather sit with to watch the upcoming film, "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1," which hits theaters November 18.

"It's fun to watch with [Lautner] because we actually sit and watch it. Me and Taylor are actual 'Twilight' fans, so we can sit there and be totally into it!" Stewart explains. "Whereas I [sit] there with Rob ... he likes it, but he has just such a different energy."

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Hmm, could it be that when she's watching with real-life love RPattz that they're too busy gazing into each other's eyes to pay attention to a movie? Maybe! The dark beauty doesn't get into that much detail, but she does dish out some advice about significant others. "Good relationship advice for me tends to be being honest and knowing yourself," Stewart reveals. "Don't be an a**hole. That's my advice. Don't be mean. Don't take sh*t. Don't settle."

Are you listening, Rob?

Read more about Kristen in the November issue of Glamour, on newsstands October 11.

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