Justin Bieber’s License to Drive

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Justin Bieber turned 16 on March 1 and you know what that means -- he got his driver's license!

"I couldn't wait to get my license," he says in the April issue of J-14 magazine. "I drove a lot with my permit around Atlanta. I was excited for the freedom and responsibility that comes along with it, but I understand that I have to be smart and responsible. It's a privilege to drive!"

Um, especially when you're rolling in a new Range Rover! Justin's mentor, Usher, reportedly purchased the luxury SUV for the "Baby" singer's sweet 16. Driving lessons were not included.

"My dad taught me how to drive, so I have him to thank [for that]," says Bieber. "I think I'm a good driver. I've got a pretty good sense behind the wheel."

Despite his confidence, the pop star's mom -- like most parents -- is a little scared about letting her son hop in the driver's seat.

"I love my mom, but I think she's nervous about me driving," he shares. "I tell her who I'm going out with and where we're going. I'm not really nervous when I drive. I think that when you're a wreck, you get into trouble."

So what advice does JBiebs have for other teens trying to score a license?

"Make sure to study for the exam," he laughs.

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