Justin Bieber’s ‘Favorite Girl’

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Long before he was causing riots at shopping malls and singing his way into the hearts of tween girls worldwide, Justin Bieber was Pattie Mallette's little boy. In fact, the teen dream's mom was the one who posted the music videos that would make him famous on YouTube, and she still regularly travels alongside him, sometimes at her own risk. Mallette was knocked down by overzealous fans in New Zealand Tuesday, prompting JBiebs to tweet that he was "not happy that someone stole my hat and knocked down my mama. Come on people."

Obviously, the perfectly-coiffed singer and his mother are extraordinarily close. So who better than the 16-year-old's very first fan to give us the scoop on her sweet son and his love life? Justin's mom tells J-14 that he's always been romantic, and had his first relationship way back in seventh grade. "Justin brought her to a jewelry store," Mallette recalls. But the heartthrob keeps it simple most of the time, giving gifts that are "nothing crazy," she says. "He'll send flowers."

Wow, he may be young, but Justin already knows what the ladies really like!

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And Mallette has an idea, too, about the kind of girl who would be a perfect match for her famous offspring: "someone who has similar values and keeps him grounded."

Sounds like she thinks the cutie would be open to dating non-celebs. Just one word of advice for the gals already lining up for the chance: whatever you do, be nice to Justin's mom!

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