‘Jersey Shore’s’ Sammi and Ronnie Situation

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During the first season of "Jersey Shore," I couldn't pull myself away from the TV simply because I didn't believe people like that actually existed. Every episode left me wondering, for example: They think skin that color looks hot? Seriously, that's how they dance? I remember thinking it was going to get old very quickly.

Surprisingly, though, the second season of the MTV reality hit has provided even more awesomely bad moments, involving tacky wardrobe choices, hijinks in the hot tub, and utterly ridiculous conversations. The show is even more entertaining this time around because now these characters have a history, which leads to tons of drama. This is particularly true in the case of Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola and Ronnie Magro, who spent "Jersey Shore's" early episodes cuddled up like an old married couple (except for Ronnie's boardwalk brawls, of course) and lately have been so on-again/off-again that they make Drew Barrymore and Justin Long's relationship look stable.

But in last week's episode, I honestly thought there was a chance Sammi and Ronnie were finished for good after Sammi received an anonymous letter explaining that when she's not around, Ronnie had been doing nothing but creeping at the club (translation: fist-pumping with other females, collecting phone numbers, and even making out with two girls at once). Worse, he had been crawling into the bed with Sammi on those same drunken nights.

Looks like I was wrong. Shockingly (or maybe not), the two were snapped looking quite cozy Tuesday while running errands in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. All I can say is that if Snooki and JWoww's not-so-sneaky note, plus seeing Ronnie's antics for herself when the show aired were not enough to drive Sammi away from that juicehead, nothing will. Maybe these two deserve each other after all.

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