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‘HSM’ Goes to the Prom

OMG Crush
May 22, 2009
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When I spoke to "High School Musical" costume designer Caroline Marxlast month about the cast's wardrobe, she noted that each character hastheir own distinct personality and style -- and that carries over intotheir prom attire as well. "I really went overboard in making sure thateven their prom dresses really matched their style itself," said Marx.

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For example, Monique's prom dress is adorned with a little bowtie,Chad's tux jacket says "Danforth" on the back and includes hisbasketball number, and Sharpay's frock features fuschia feathers andSwarovski crystals. Of course, you won't see Troysporting a peach suit and sequined tie like Ryan, but you can expect to see the "HSM" hottie wearing two different John Varvatos tuxes in the film.

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If you can't wait another week for the movie to come out, take a sneakpeek at some the dance scenes (including the prom) in the "Access Hollywood" clip below.