‘The Hills’ Heats Up

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Get ready, "Hills" fans, because the show we all love to hate is going out with a bang!

The juicy trailer for the docu-soap's sixth and final season is packed with more drama than a night out with LiLo. In the past, the show has shied away from the real-life drama surrounding its stars, but this time it's folding Heidi Montag's plastic surgery extravaganza, reports of Kristin Cavallari's hard-partying lifestyle, and Spencer Pratt's alleged anger issues into the storyline.

True, we don't know how many of these "real-life situations" were actually manufactured by the show. For example, is it just singer Ryan Cabrera's good luck that he's dating Audrina, a woman who happens to star in a hit reality show? Was Heidi really worried about how her mom would react when she unveiled what she calls "Heidi 3.0"? But at this point, who cares? Anyone who's a stickler for authenticity stopped watching this sudser long ago; or, like me, they simply scoff at how fake it is while they continue to watch it.

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Whether you're a diehard fan or just another one of those people who can't help but marvel at the madness, the preview doesn't disappoint.

Catch the final season of "The Hills" beginning Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.


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