Heidi Gets Fired on ‘The Hills’

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OMG! Did you see last night's episode of "The Hills"? It was full of drama!


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First, Audrina Patridge moved out of Lauren Conrad's guest house. Will they stay BFFs? If you follow "The Hills" gang when the show is not taping, then you know there is trouble ahead for the two friends. Rumors have been circulating that LC hooked up with Audrina's sometime boyfriend Justin Bobby. Personally, I don't believe that for a second. Audrina  just seems to lose her mind every time Justin Bobby is concerned. Case in point: she asked him to move in with her. What is wrong with this girl? Of course, his response was, "Let it just happen and see what happens." Whatever! Audrina, get a clue!

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In the second dramatic "Hills" event, Heidi Montag got fired from her job at Bolthouse Productions. So why did she get the axe? Drinking on the job! Heidi was in a festive mood at a Bolthouse event and helped herself to more than one drink at the open bar. And sassing the boss while drunk couldn't have helped. Oh Heidi, what were you thinking?!


If you missed the episode, you can watch it now at MTV.com.