Happy 20th Birthday, Taylor Lautner!

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Time really flies when you're hooked on a romantic vampire saga like "Twilight," doesn't it? It seems like it was only yesterday when we were introduced to Taylor Lautner. He was 16 when the first film in the series was released in 2008. (Sure, his resume includes movies such as 2005's "The Adventure of Shark Boy and Lava Girl," but "Twilight" was his breakout role.) And almost four years after Taylor's debut as Jacob Black, we've seen the actor transition from a werewolf pup into a bulked-up man who's turning 20 on February 11.

Twi-Hards can mark Taylor's big 2-0 with the release of the "Breaking Dawn - Part I" DVD and Blu-Ray, which -- conveniently enough -- hits stores on the heartthrob's special day. Hardcore fans have probably already made plans to watch a scene from the final film, "Breaking Dawn - Part II," at Target stores previewing it on the night of February 10, and no doubt they'll snap up the film as soon as it's available at midnight.

As for Taylor, he should be excited about the year ahead, which includes an opportunity to reshape his image from the teen dream he was once to brawny leading man. Other than the final "Twilight," his schedule includes an independent film with director Gus Van Sant, the man behind projects such as "Milk" and "Good Will Hunting." Taylor will reportedly star in and produce a nonfiction story from The New Yorker that he optioned, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Noticeably, it will not include "Stretch Armstrong," a movie based the '70s toy, because it conflicted with the Van Sant film. While his first attempt at carrying a movie in 2011's "Abduction" didn't go so well -- it only earned $26.9 million in the United States, compared to "Twilight's" more than $192 million -- this project sounds a lot different. Do you think this is Taylor's year?

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