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The "Glee" kids were snapped filming scenes in New York City on Monday -- and they clearly were having a blast. "Now it's time to get movin because my dream of shooting Glee in NYC is finally coming true!" tweeted "Glee" actress Lea Michele. "Hope u r ready NYC...Miss Rachel Berry is here!!"

So what are the McKinley High students doing in the Big Apple? Viewers who saw Rachel, Finn, Puck, and the rest perform "Empire State of Mind" in the season premiere will recall that the national show choir competition is taking place in none other than New York City. Will New Directions be able to triumph over Vocal Adrenaline?

While the Fox show is obviously remaining tight-lipped about the "Glee's" finale, the musical's makers ran into some problems recently when show extra Nicole Crowther gave a few secrets away. The actress, 21, revealed who will be crowned McKinley High's king and queen on Twitter. Show co-creator Brad Falchuk responded quite unkindly as did many Gleeks (via Twitter), forcing Crowther to issue a statement clarifying that she overheard the juicy gossip at a dinner party, rather than on the show's set.

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"I didn't even know if the girl I heard it from was joking or telling the truth," Crowther said. "Mr. Falchuk publicly humiliated me and has made it clear that he never wants me to work again in Hollywood."

Oops. The message in all of this? Don't mess with the Gleeks!

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