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Emma Roberts' resume is full of family fare, from 2006's sweet fantasy "Aquamarine" to 2007's big screen version of "Nancy Drew" to last year's star-studded "Valentine's Day." But one of the 20-year-old's most recent flicks, "The Art of Getting By," is more like a scene out of the book Catcher In the Rye than one from the Nickelodeon show, "Unfabulous," which made her famous. She plays Sally, a popular girl at her school who befriends another student (Freddie Highmore) who has conned his way through life up to this point. The two have some serious conversations and find that they have a lot more in common than they thought. Emma talked to omg! about the movie, which was recently released on DVD, what she's working on next, and some of her fashion faves.

What is it about "The Art of Getting By" that you connected with?
I just thought it felt like such an honest story. And I feel like when there are movies regarding young people they always seem a little contrived. And to me this one felt so real and just really sweet and it reminded me of a lot of my other favorite romance movies like "500 Days of Summer" or even some older ones. [It was] "Breakfast Club"-ish. So, that's what I loved about it.

It had an ending where you don't quite know what will happen to the characters, and so does another current movie that you're not in but I read you really enjoyed, "Like Crazy." What is it that you appreciate about ambiguous endings?
I think endings left open or ambiguous like you said sound good just because they're like life. There's no real ending in life when it comes to relationships, you know, as far as [being] clear cut. I think that ["The Art of Getting By"] was just very honest in the way that it was like I don't know what's going to happen next, but I'll be ready for it.

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You first became famous as a child. Do you feel like you've transitioned into more adult roles now? Do you feel pressured to do that?
I love doing kind of more kiddish-oriented movies, but I also love doing adult things. And I think it's fun to do a mix. You know, things where you're playing your age and things that maybe are more mature. So, I just kind of take my stuff based on the material and not so much [based on] how old I'm supposed to be or what the audience is supposed to [think].

While she's still a high school student, Sally in "The Art of Getting By" was a more emotionally mature role for you.
Yeah, I felt like this was the first time that I got to play someone my age, but in a real way, you know? This is how most 17- and 18-year-olds actually do act.

Is your movie "Springbreakers" with Harmony Korine, the man who directed the gritty "Kids," still on? (She's rumored to be co-starring in the film about four co-eds who rob a restaurant to pay for their spring break trip and are bailed out by a drug dealer who wants payback, alongside James Franco, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Heather Morris.)
Yeah, it should happen next year. I'm really excited about that. And there's not really much I can say now because nothing is for sure, but I hope that comes together. ... We're still figuring everything out.

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You enrolled in Sarah Lawrence College this fall. How is school going?
I've been more focusing on work right now than school ... kind of trying to figure out how to find a balance where I can commit to school and also work because it's really difficult. When I was younger it was hard just doing three hours of school on the set. It was so hard to focus while you were doing it. So, you definitely learn how to multitask.

How have the other students reacted to you being around?
I just tried to fit right in and go about my business and do what everyone else was doing. It really wasn't a big deal. And now I'm not even there. So, we'll see when I go back.

Will that be next semester?
I honestly don't know yet. It depends on work.

You've been seen with Chord Overstreet and you've done some singing (her 2005 debut album was called Unfabulous and More). That got me thinking ... Would you ever want to be on "Glee"?
I would love to just not even answer that question because ... that's kind of awkward. I just don't like talking about my relationships or anything like that, in any reference. Thank you.

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OK. Do you think you'll ever sing again?
I don't know. [I would] maybe do some sort of musical. That would be cool, but I don't know. I love acting and that's my main focus. And if singing happens to go along with something then of course, but it's not something that I'm pursuing outside of acting.

You're known for your love of fashion. How do you decide what to wear to an event?
I have stylists. They're the Maude Girls [designers Emily Current and Meritt Elliott]. And they actually design Current/Elliott jeans, which are my favorite. And with them I kind of collaborate. They have a whole a bunch of stuff and bring it over to my house, and we'll look through everything and decide what fits right and what doesn't. For everyday, I just try to put together whatever I like and whatever is comfortable and … whatever just makes [me] feel good.

I saw on Twitter that you said you'll be sharing some of your favorite beauty and fashion items every month. What inspired you to do that?
I always find such cool things in general, like beauty and fashion, but also books and stuff like that. And I want to share it with people because when you find something that you love and it works, you want other people to also be able to share in that.

What are some of your favorites now?
I think [Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's upscale line] Elizabeth and James has such cool stuff for everyday [wear], but also for red carpet. And then I love -- Have you been on [the website for Rachel Bilson's new shoe line] ShoeMint? That's my obsession right now. I love it. They have such cool shoes and they're affordable and really, really cute. [They average about $80 a pair.]

Catch Emma in "The Art of Getting By," now on DVD.

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