Dianna Agron: I Was ‘a Huge Nerd’ in School

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  In the sci-fi action film "I Am Number Four," Dianna Agron plays Sarah, an ex-cheerleader who falls for the town's resident undercover alien John Smith, a.k.a. Number Four (Alex Pettyfer). Number Four is one of nine aliens who come to Earth as children after their home planet is destroyed. The nine are being hunted one by one by the evil Mogadorians, and can only be killed in order. Three are already dead, and Pettyfer is the next target in line.

omg! caught up with the actress on set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she talked about her character in the film, and also opened up about her co-star Alex Pettyfer.

What first attracted you to the role of Sarah? "I heard about this project well before I was able to read the script, and I thought it sounded so interesting. I then read it and fell in love with it. I love the whole 'Outsiders,' 'Breakfast Club,' feel of the film. For 'Glee,' I came in at the last minute and started filming a couple of days later. This was also a very last minute thing. I think I'm best when I don't feel too much pressure. They're like, 'Please, we just need somebody! Throw her in!' I'm so lucky to be here."

How has it been filming with Alex? "Alex is quite a card, and he's full of surprises. He's such a sweetheart and he's fun to work with. I've been lucky with co-stars in the past, but with him in particular. This is a journey we have to form together, with our two characters, and it's effortless with him."

You two are filming an emotional scene tonight. Is he a better kisser than the guys on "Glee"? "Well, I don't know yet! We're about to find out tonight."

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Were you at all like your character Sarah in high school? "In certain ways, definitely. In high school, I was a very nice person and I was very non-confrontational, so I had great friends in many different areas. I did photography for the yearbook, I was in drama, and I danced outside of school. I was lucky to have nice friends, but there were some terribly mean people at our school and I saw that all the time. I didn't know how quite to dress, or do things in the 'cool' way. I was just a huge nerd."

Do you still feel like a nerd? "I still am, although I get made fun of less now than I did then. I don't know why really, because I'm exactly the same! I'm just being myself -- it's more fun that way. Inclusiveness has been the theme of our show on 'Glee,' and I feel that this is very similar."

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