‘The City’ Returns In Dramatic Fashion

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When reality TV starlet Whitney Port left "The Hills" for "The City," I had my doubts her spin-off would survive. The up-and-coming designer comes across on-camera as sweet -- almost quiet -- and grounded, especially compared to Heidi Montag, The Situation, and MTV's other famous faces. Polite and thoughtful is all good in the real world, but those qualities don't usually create the kind of drama a show needs for a spot on my list of guilty pleasures.

Fortunately, MTV anticipated the problem and counteracted it by surrounding Whitney with not just one or two troublemakers -- like they did with Lauren Conrad on "The Hills" -- but an entire cast of them! And the juicy trailer for the second season promises even Whitney will (sorta kinda) toughen up in the episodes ahead.

In the clip, the 25-year-old uses a not-so-nice name for her arch enemy, Olivia Palermo, after Olivia refuses to feature Whitney's clothing collection at Elle magazine. Gasp! Of course, Whitney will be egged on by her former "boss" Kelly Cutrone (it's your lucky day, "Kell on Earth" fans!) and her fun-loving, somewhat irresponsible roommate, Roxy. We even see Olivia's nemesis at Elle, Erin Kaplan, flash a sly grin when Whitney disses Olivia.

Check it out.

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As you can see, the fabulous fashions have also returned for a second season, particularly the clothes we encounter while following Olivia and Erin behind the scenes at the magazine. Unfortunately, Whitney's line, Whitney Eve, isn't quite as ... fab. As much as I hate to side with the mean girl, Olivia is right to call it "inconsistent."

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Still, I would love to see someone -- anyone -- put the prissy accessories editor in her place! Do you think Whitney will find the courage to do it this season?

We'll find out when "The City" returns April 27, the same night the final season of "The Hills" begins.


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