Chris Brown’s ‘Super’ Duper New Video

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Call me crazy, but after I fell in love with Chris Brown's "Say Goodbye" in the summer of '06, I was sure that we'd never hear from him again. It happens all the time: a kid comes outta nowhere, drops a smash, and disappears within a matter of months. That couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to Chris Brown.

In less than three years, that kid from Virginia is now a 19-year-old multi-talented hit maker, who also happens to be on the verge of dethroning Michael Jackson as the King of Pop. Every producer wants to work with him, every girl wants to date him, and every other musician would kill for half of his success.

Along with that superstar status came the rare opportunity to deliver a re-released version of his platinum-selling album, "Exclusive: The Forever Edition." The updated set not only features last summer's hottest hit, "Forever," it also offers Chris' latest jam, "Superhuman," co-starring Timbaland protege Keri Hilson. And, if you like the song, wait until you see the video! Rihanna better watch her back because these two surely make sweet music together.

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Check it out, and let me know what you think!

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