Brushing With Bieber

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Ever wish Justin Bieber's voice was the first thing youheard every morning and the last thing every night? No? Well, apparentlysomebody does, since the teen dream has put his face -- and voice! -- on atoothbrush. That's right, a dental products maker recently announced itwill release a Justin Bieber singing toothbrush this summer ... so fans canhear the 16-year-old's hits "Baby" and "U Smile" whilebrushing. And it can be yours for just $9.99.

And the line of Bieber paraphernalia gets even more bizarre,with autographed dental flossers, non-singing toothbrushes sporting Justin'sface on them, and a travel kit complete with a pic of Biebs playing the guitaralong with the tagline "Get Your Bieber Smile Today." Oddly, he's notsmiling in the photo. Sounds like those with a case of Bieber fever can lookforward to fighting cavities with the pop star by their side.

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