Brody and Avril’s ‘Complicated’ Reality

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Separating fact from fiction in the lives of "The Hills" cast members can be a little tricky these days. While we know a lot of drama has been conjured up for the cameras -- jobs at high-profile companies in LA, the love triangle between Audrina, Justin Bobby, and Kristin -- other things at least appear to be grounded in real life. For example, Spencer obviously has issues and Heidi really did have waaay too much plastic surgery. So what are we supposed to think about the recent gossip that resident playboy Brody Jenner is not just having fun with, but is seriously into ... Avril Lavigne?!

In the last month, the hookup between the 26-year-old hottie and the "Sk8er Boi" singer has looked less and less like a fauxmance or even a fling, and more and more like that oh-so-rare Hollywood event: the beginning of a serious relationship.

Ahem, I present to you the following evidence:

1. The pair got matching tattoos of lightning bolts while in Las Vegas last month. Then again, this didn't mean so much since Avril also famously shared an ink experience with her ex-husband, Deryck Whibley, back in March.

2. The rebellious pop princess and the former "Bromance" star have made numerous appearances together, including one at a charity event alongside Brody's mom, Linda Thompson, who reportedly shared a big hug with Avril.

3. Finally -- and this is key -- Brody said during an interview last week that his honey would never appear on "The Hills." A reality star who isn't taking every opportunity to rev up the ratings? Now we know it must be serious!

Sure, the Canadian divorcee is different than the other starlets Brody's had on his arm over the years -- Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, and, for a few briefs weeks, Nicole Richie. But think of all they do share, including their love of tattoos and wearing hoodies.


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