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Who better than Ashley Greene to model the lace and fur-adorned gothgarments we'll be seeing everywhere this fall? The "Twilight" star notonly plays a vampire in the movies -- Alice Cullen, sister of RobertPattinson's Edward Cullen -- but she's also quickly become one to watchon the red carpet thanks to her taste for high-end, attention-grabbingmini dresses that show just enough skin. Now, the 23-year-old is onceagain embracing her vampire roots, with couture capes, dark jackets,and gauzy gowns, in a glam new photo shoot and interview with

Init, Ashley admits that her looks, marked by delicate features and analmost ethereal beauty, are at least part of the reason she was cast in"Twilight." The fact that fans also approved of her is another. "Yes,I'm very thankful that Stephenie Meyer wrote a character that I happento look like," Greene says with a laugh. "The fans were already there.Before they knew Ashley Greene, they knew Alice Cullen, and they allhad an idea of how she looked."

Ashley Greene Photo Shoot

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Fashion Spotlight: Ashley Greene

Although the brunette bombshellspeaks graciously about the blockbuster film saga, she explains shewants to do much more in her career. "As much as I adore being part of'Twilight,' I don't want it to define me," she says. No worries there,since she is "working like a maniac!" Ashley will be seen next year inthe comedy "Butter" with Jennifer Garner, the thriller "TheApparition," "LOL: Laughing Out Loud," with Miley Cyrus, and, ofcourse, a tiny little sequel called "Breaking Dawn."

Behind the Shoot: Ashley Greene

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