The 7 Unexpected Things You’ll See at the ‘ABDC’ Live Tour

Chrissy Le Nguyen
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JabbaWockeeZ, BreakSk8, Super Cr3w, Fanny Pak, and A.S.I.I.D. kicked off the 25-city "America's Best Dance Crew" Live Tour last week in Miami, Florida. Word on the street is that the show is amazing, so if you don't already have your tickets, seriously, what are you waiting for?

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I got to sit down with all five crews during their tour rehearsals -- only days before they flew to the Sunshine State -- to dish on the seven unexpected things fans will get to see if they're an 'ABDC' Live Tour ticket holder.

1. The Union of Five Dance Crews in Never-Seen-Before Routines

"The crowd is going to love it when we do our collaborative pieces with all the other crews. It's not a competition, so everyone is collaborating and you'll be able to feel that essence of togetherness. And seeing our performances on TV or on YouTube is a totally different experience than seeing it live. When you see us live, with the energy and the music, you get to have that special feeling." -- Rainen of JabbaWockeeZ

"There's a history of dance routine with different sections. There's a breaking section, a locking section, a popping section, a '70s section. We all do it together, but it's not just all of one crew doing one style, it's different people from different crews mixed into each of the sections." -- Glenda of Fanny Pak

"All of us are dispersed among the other crews for the history part of the show. It's a different look and feel for all the dancers, but everyone is pulling it off. You'll be excited to see us do some different things." -- Melissa of A.S.I.I.D.

2. JabbaWockeeZ Unmasked at Last

"You will see us without our masks. When we're dancing with everybody else, we're mask-less." -- Phi of JabbaWockeeZ

"We're actually humans for once." -- Chris of JabbaWockeeZ

"For those who want to see our faces, you'll get to on this tour." -- Ben of JabbaWockeeZ

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3. A.S.I.I.D.'s Magical Growing Hair

"I'llprobably have an afro by the end of the night. After all the sweating,my hair will just go poof! I'm not looking forward to that, sohopefully we'll get to share a tour bus with the hairstylists." -- Dellaof A.S.I.I.D.

4. Fanny Pak's Matt as the Tour Dance Captain

"ChoreographersTabitha and Napoleon Dumo and Rosero McCoy are directing the wholetour, but they'll only be there at the first three cities with us. Mattwill be the dance captain for the rest of the tour. He's that personthat'll help us with our dance check and knows all of our exits andentrances. He's really smart and quick, so when it comes to moving onstages -- since we're going to be on a different stage each night --he'll be able to tell us 'You can't exit there? Then this is where youshould go 'cause that will be quicker and easier.' They made a goodchoice to pick him as dance captain." -- Glenda of Fanny Pak

5. BreakSk8 Ditching Their Namesake

"It's awesome that we'll be dancing without our skates on the tour for a couple of the performances. You guys have never seen us do things without skates on, but we actually do. We're also learning popping and breaking stuff from JabbaWockeeZ and Super Cr3w for the tour. They're teaching us some pretty intricate footwork." —- Jordan of BreakSk8

"It's really exciting to watch BreakSk8 because they're dope dancers with and without their skates on ... [it's] really cool that they can do that stuff on their feet, but they can also do it on their skates." —- Phil of Fanny Pak

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6. A Super Cr3w B-Boy Rollin' on Skates

"I'm a little nasty on the skates. You might see me in a little cameo with BreakSk8. A lot of people don't know that I started out as a Jam Skater and that's what got me into dancing and breaking." -- Mike of Super Cr3w

7. Special Appearances By Other Crews

Iconic will be adding their Broadway flavor to the tour when it stops in the Big Apple on Sept. 23.

Boogie Bots will get their game on when the tour reaches Washington D.C. on Sept. 29.

Season 1 runner-up Status Quo will join the tour in their hometown of Boston on Sept. 25. I guess they decided NOT to break up after all.

Expect to see on-point isolations from fan favorite Kaba Modern when they make their way onto the 'ABDC' Live Tour stage in both Los Angeles (Oct. 16) and San Diego (Oct. 18). SoCal is in for a real treat!

Season 2 runner-up SoReal Cru will help close out the tour on Oct. 22 in Grand Prairie, Texas, and in Houston on Oct. 23.

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