Miranda Lambert’s $20K Pet-Inspired Christmas Present From Blake Shelton

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Animal lover Miranda Lambert loves her many dogs like some mothers love their children, so this Christmas, hubby Blake Shelton thought of the perfect gift: a $20,000 gold necklace featuring 20 charms, each engraved with the names of her furry friends. "He designed it for her, and laughed he hoped it wasn't too heavy because she has so many pets,” a source reveals to In Touch.

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Lambert's big brood is constantly changing size because she has countless rescue dogs, some of whom she's written about on her Twitter page. She's so passionate about puppies that she's even created the MuttNation Foundation to raise money for animal shelters and other pet organizations. "I think the unconditional love you get from an animal, especially a dog, is better than anything else," Lambert told People in November. "They're so grateful and the love they give you back is like nothing else." The "House That Built Me" singer added that, "I can give the biggest show of my life, and my dogs don't give a damn. They just care about their mom."

This Christmas, Shelton shared that he and his bride of less than two years will spend part of the holiday with some of the human members of their family in his home state of Oklahoma and hers in Lindale, Texas. "We'll drive down to Miranda's hometown for Christmas Eve," Shelton explained to In Touch. "Then we'll drive home and spend Christmas Day with my family." They also "always try to have one night that’s just the two of us."

Well, it'll probably be the two of them and a few dogs!

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