Miley Cyrus Adopts Sixth Dog, Smothers Another Pup With Kisses

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Looks like that pet pig wasn't the only live gift Miley Cyrus got for her 20th birthday last week. On Monday, the former "Hannah Montana" star and her sister Noah stopped by Spot! Pet Boutique in Los Angeles to pick up some goodies for a new puppy the family recently adopted — but another little cutie caught her eye in the store. Miley, dressed for the holiday season in a red sweater, was seen smothering an adorable brown puppy with kisses and hugs as she perused the shelves of dog clothing.

After the shopping spree, Miley and 12-year-old Noah left the store with only their own dog, who they re-named Penny Lane (she was originally Rosie). And the black-and-tan pup already has her own Twitter and Instagram pages, where "she" posts cute photos of herself with the youngest Cyrus.

Penny Lane is just the latest dog to become a part of the famous family. Over the years, Miley has adopted countless dogs, and with the new addition, it seems she's up to six. On Tuesday, she tweeted a photo of the other five — bulldog Ziggy, Siberian Husky Floyd, Yorkie mix Lila, Rottweiler-Beagle mix Happy, and Pit Bull mix Mary Jane — all lined up at their bowls eating a meal together. In another pic, they all are seen obediently waiting for a treat with their ears perked up.

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And it seems more the merrier to Miley. Not long after she adopted Mary Jane in May of this year, she tweeted, "As all my dogs jumped on my face the first words out of my mouth this morning...'I am living my dream life.'"

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